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Enforcement of Child Support
Enforcement of Parenting Time
Establishment of Child Support and Parenting Time
Termination of a Withholding Order
Child Support Accounting
Attorney Consultation
Fees for Services
Family Drug Court
Enforcement of Child SupportTop

Enforcement of Child SupportA parent has been ordered to pay child support and is not paying, this Office may assist with enforcing the child support order. In some cases, child support can be enforced without going to court.   Applicants are interviewed by an enforcement officer and the case is reviewed by an attorney for appropriate action.

Enforcement of Parenting TimeTop

Visitation EnforcementIf a parent has court-ordered possession of a child but has been denied that possession, this Office may assist with enforcing the court's order.  Applicants are first scheduled for an attorney consultation and then referred to a parent conference. The majority of cases are resolved without court intervention.  Child Access and Parenting Time Services

Establishment of Child Support and Parenting TimeTop

Establishment of Child SupportIf a child's parents are married but separated or a child's parents are not married to each other, this Office can assist with securing a court order that establishing parentage, orders child support/medical support and secures parenting time.  Applicants complete the attached application and are interviewed by a legal enforcement officer.  In some cases, an attorney consultation may be necessary.  

Termination of a Withholding OrderTop

If a child has turned 18 and graduated from high school or a child has emancipated, this Office may provide services to terminate a wage withholding order for child support.  An accounting will be completed to determine whether the child support obligation has been paid in full.  If the child support account is satisfied, an attorney may prepare a letter to the parent's employer seeking termination of withholding. A fee of $100 is collected for this service.

Child Support AccountingTop

By application, this Office will prepare a child support accounting.  The accounting includes a review and interpretation of the underlying order and any subsequent modification which provides for child support.   The final product calculates child support due, child support paid and any interest accrued.  A lengthy report is provided to the applicant.  A fee of $50.00 is collected for this service.

Attorney ConsultationTop

Attorney ConsultationAttorney consultations are available in the areas of parentage establishment, child support enforcement, parenting time enforcement, and termination of wage withholding.  A fee of $50.00 is collected for this service.

Fees for ServicesTop

The Division collects fees for services.  Because all case facts are unique, fees will be discussed during your appointment.

Family Drug CourtTop

The DRO is a member of the 247th Family Intervention Court (Drug Court) which uses early intervention, education and treatment to assist parents with substance abuse recovery and healing.  Substance abuse intervention ensures the safety, welfare and support of children.


The Harris County FOCAS Program is an early intervention child support program that ensures consistent and reliable child support for families.  FOCAS is in its 7th year and monitors and enforces child support through administrative income withholding, federal and state offsets, tax intercepts, liens, contempt and other methods; enforces medical support; enrolls children in health insurance; provides employment referrals, provides modifications of support orders. 

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